PS Audio: Power Plant Premier. How much ....

Anyone have any experience with maxing out a power plant premier? I run two pass labs amps at 300 each and a solid state phono at about 50 for 650 continuous. The fan doesn't turn on but I have to wonder if I would get better dynamics with two. I have gone straight to the wall and the dynamics are sharper, but I miss the blacker background and the detail that comes with it. Don't want to buy another just to find out. thanks
Sell It while you can. You can do a lot better with something else other than a PPP. I did.
I am going to buy a second one not because I am having power issues but to isolate my CJ 350 from the rest of the system. I am running the 350, my pre, CD transport and DAC and my phono stage off mine and never hear the fan running. And the 350 draws a lot of power when I am pushing the L5s hard. One of the best things I ever bought.
I own a PS Audio PPP. Along with a PS Audio P600, AND a Furman REG20i.
I am a big believer in both conditioners, and not stressing them to much.
If you want the maximum from them they should not be maxed out with a heavy load.
Both my PS Audio products are just warm to the touch with the loads I have on them.
If you have two identical amps? on the PPP? or two Pass Labs products (not amps?
((I just cannot see those giant Pass Amps on a PPP?))
Anyway, I like my variety of conditioners a lot.
My amplifier, a Bryston 4B-SST2 is on a Furman REF20i. I bought used here on the goN' for $1,400.
jebsmith73...what did you buy?
It is easy to dis' a product of the year... harder to actually come up with something better in reality.
My two cents on the 'sell it while you can' comment.
It is true different power conditioners work for different folks. but dumping on the PPP is just not a realistic pose.
When I had my entire system into a PPP, it ran hot with the fan running continuously. After buying a PS Audio Duet into which I plugged my amp., the PPP cooled down, the distortion output dropped and the sound soared.

sm2727 I'm surprised that you are able to run all of that gear into one PPP. With the new PS conditioner gear out, some PPPs should be available at reasonable cost. Perhaps put amps on one PPP and the rest of the system on the other?

I had ran my X250.5 through a V-Ray V2 with excellent results. I now run it through the new Triton with even better results.
I tried running my Pass X350.5 on a Shunyata Hydra 8 and also a Synergistic Powercell 10SE, in both cases the dynamics were not as good as plugging the Amp straigt into a dedicated outlet just for the Amp.
Why would you keep something that does not work very well,or make your system sound worse? The PPP did nothing to correct my A/C power problems where I live. Useless for pure class A power amps that need fair amount of current reserve to drive them. I ended up buying two Purepower 2000 re-generators.For my plasma TV, they removed the grain and the colors are now just amazing.
Loss of dynamics with your whole system plugged into the Synergistic powercell 10SE? Not according to your review.

Your words:

I plugged my whole system into this PowerCell. Everything that used to be plugged into 3 dedicated outlets was now all plugged into the PowerCell using only one of the dedicated outlets.
Amazing, I would have never believed it. No choked sound, no loss of dynamics. To the contrary, as I stated above the dynamics were even better!
Never plug power amps into a conditioner .
Never say never; my CJ 350 sounds better through my PPP than direct. I have made the comparison several times.
Yeah, this dictum about power amps is outdated. It was never correct for all cases anyway.
I run my CJ CAV50 tube control amp from my PPP and this sounds more dynamic and three dimensional than from the wall.