PS Audio Power Plant P3 to P12

I currently own a P3 which I use for all my source components. PS Audio is currently having a promotion on the P12. Anyone made this transition?


@audphile1 - PS Audio is not offering a trade-in on the P12 during the promotion since they are offering it at a significant discount. But I'm sure I can get a reasonable price for the P3 if I go this route. 

I don't really need the extra capacity since I doubt my source components are using more than about half the P3's capacity. But if you believe the comments from customers on the PS Audio forum, the bigger units provide additional sound quality improvements compared to the P3. I'm just trying to get a broader perspective. 

I don't really like the idea of buying something for a home trial unless I have a pretty high confidence that I'm going to keep it, although I certainly appreciate PS Audio's return policy. 

I have a P-10, and I love it. PS Audio is a great company with some of the best support in the Audio world. I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade your P3 as long as you can afford it. To me my P-10 not only protects my gear, but being a power regenerator certainly provides added benefits sonically.

@jaytor got it. Well I still stand by my recommendation to audition at home. Despite what anyone says about how it sounds in their system. I’ve had power products that sounded excellent in someone’s system and were horrible in mine. And vice versa.