PS Audio Power Plant P10 question

just picked up a P10 and installed it and all I can say is WOW... I thought I had good power, living out in the mountain country... but, damn!!! what a difference.

OK, so my question is; I am new to the power management/reconditioning/conditioning/whatever you call it. After hooking everything up and I key the wave screen and scroll to the usage screen, I see that I am using apron. 82% of the unit or just over 900 watts, close to 9 amps - all while playing music at my typical listening level - my question is then, am I maxing out the unit, and thus need another? or is 82% usage OK?

currently active (giving the 82% usage rating() is plugged into it a pair a Atma-Sphere MA-1 amps, a Atma-Sphere MP-3 preamp, a custom made Audio Note DAC, and a PS Audio PWT transport (playing Herbie Hancock Head Hunters - maybe that the

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I think you'll be fine. My P10 is handling a ton of stuff, even more items than yours, and I wouldn't be without it. Quite a difference from the original P300 which was VERY limited. I eventually had two of them but couldn't begin to handle my tube amps with those. Enjoy.
I run two P5s which gives me more capacity than one P10. I use one per channel of my amps (homebrew 200wpc SET amps) and divide the other stuff up as evenly as possible between the two units. They each run at 82-83% of capacity and all seems well for the last six months or so since I've had them set up.