PS Audio Power Plant or Power Plant Premier

I recently bought a PS Audio Power Plant P1000. The high end stereo shop said the old model - US made is much better than the new China made "Power Plant Premier" for Audio.

Has anyone compared them for regular two channel audio?

My finding is that the unit only improved digital playback and not pre and power amplification.

Your findings are encouraging.Based on what I read,the powerplants shouldn't be used on amps anyway.I thought of getting the P1000 myself.
Get some dedicated 20 amp circuits and try again, this will be the biggest upgrade you can do for little money comparitively. The newer PS audio doesn't regenerate the whole AC sine curve like the older units hence they can power more watts and don't generate so much heat.

Does your Powerplant have the Multiwave 2 module in it? I found this to be definitely better than the standard when I owned a PS300.
Don't waste money on the P1000. The PPP is much better. I never have good result with a lot of other line conditioners before while using with my powered 350W ATC speakers compare to straight to my dedicated 20A circuit.

With the Duet appeared 1.5 years ago, thing has changed. My ATC speakers can't live without the Duet any more. The mid and bass are much better than going straight to my dedicated circuit.

I just purchased a PPP to replace the Duet just for my ATC speakers. Same thing, just better than the Duet of course.

Good luck in selling your P1000.
Mine is a Cullen modified P1000 unit (stage 2). I have only tried the sine wave option. The unit has all multiwave and clean wave options.
Also, from feedback, it sounds as the old one (P1000 etc) is the only one that does true regeneration. Balanced power.
Maybe the new one (Power Plant Premier) has better filters and works better in home theater with a large screen TV.
My partner had numerous PPs 300/500/1000. I now have a PPP. He says it's better!

I also agree, get a dedicated line. AND check for hot/neutral. My "electrician" had them reversed!
I have owned both the PPP and the P1000. The PPP is better in every way. A high end store that would tell you otherwise is misleading consumers IMHO. Jeff
PP's don't do balanced anymore.
Considering the older unit guys .

Is it better to get the new one for 2 ch hi end system or PPP?

I like the size of the new one but that china work don't impress me old ones are US made?

1twekr, you have asked this question in many places already. Please read the above posts. Quite a few people already stated that the new PPP is better than the old stuff.

The PPP do not do balanced anymore, but so what? Balanced power is NOT the only game in town.

These products are all designed in the USA, and the electronic parts being used were chosen by PSA. What is the different it made whether they were assembled in the State or in China? Are you worried about the sound quality or build quality?

I have owned a few P500 which were made in the State and they all need service. I have two PPP and two Quintessence since day one and NONE of them have problem yet.

It seems that you are waiting for someone to say something that reinforce your thinking!!!
Haven't tried the big power plants, but FWIW, in my system the PS Audio Quintet only improved the digital very slightly, and was very detrimental to analog playback. Perhaps the power plants are different, but I would not recommend the Quintet.
If Quintet is not good for your analog system, then you can at most say Quintet is not good for analog system. You can't make a general statement like you would not recommend the Quintet.

I have all solid state system and the Duet, Quintet, Quintessence and PPP all make my system never sound this good before.
Did any of you find that the PPP had to be broken in or did it perform right out of the box?