PS Audio Power Plant & 32" TV

Has anybody tried a Power Plant on a 32" direct view TV? Any clear improvements in picture quality? PP300 or 600 necessary? Thanks, Ed
Get a Chang for the tv/used of course, and save the PS for the front end.
Had a older 27" rca monitor and connected it to an Adcom power filter and it improved it much. That was years ago. AC correction works for TVs in my experimintation. I have a sony 32" tv now and would be really interested to hear what suggestions people have also. I refuse to connect the TV to wall as the picture suffers. I have a panamax connected to it now as a temporary solution. Helps out but I know it cold be better. As for the suggestion of the Chang and the PS-should these be connected TV only to the chang and all other a/v components to the PS. And should they be connected to different wall outlet sockets too?