PS Audio Power Plant 15........

Just got a PS Audio Power Plant 15 that I bought as demo from a dealer. The idea was to upgrade from Audioquest Niagara 1200. 
As soon as I hooked it up to my system ( Auralic Altair G1, Pass Labs Int-60, Audio Note J-Spe Speakers) I was robed of my beautiful midrange and the soundstage that was open and 3D holographic became 2D and receded to the back of the front wall. 
Did several a/b tests and it became ever so clear.
What could be going on? Obviously, changing from a 1K unit to a 7K unit one expect an improvement.
Thoughts and comments are appreciated.
Break in... ? the op said it was a dealer demo, so it probably has many hours of playing time. But, it may need time to settle in its new environment. (perhaps a few hours).

I owned many iterations of PS Audio power conditioners, when I switched to the Niagara 7000 it was leap years better than PS Audio. Especially the fact that amps can be plugged into the Niagara! I now own in addition to the Niagara 7000 a 1200 that I use with my JL Subs and a 1000 that I use with my home theater equipment.

It could be that the P15 has a bad resistor or cap or some component that is limiting its capability.  Perhaps get another one and try it in the same system?  
Do you have a top quality power cord to connect the P15 to your home service?
If it’s a demo unit, it probably has already been broken in unless the dealer told you it wasn’t on the floor very long.
If it’s that far off, call ps audio about your issue. It should be under warranty and they are very good at supporting their customers 
Could be  the Pass amp just doesn’t like any power conditioners with active devices.