PS audio power noise?

I am considering a power conditioner. PS Audio seems fairly high on most people's list. I dont live near a dealer to check this out for my self. I have read various articles and posts about their conditioners... reading between the lines, it seems that have a fan and it produces noice (makes sense if they do have a fan)....anyway, I have a cpu in my listening room that is about 10 feet away from my critical listening position. The fan is VERY audible to me. When I am doing serious listening I have to power it down.

Any input from the esteemed gallery would be greatly appreciated.
The fan is indeed audible. It is not that noisy as a stand alone computer (there are at least two noisy fans afterall) but I could easly hear mine from 10 feet away.

Fortunately there are at least 2 ways of solving this problem.

One is replacing the stock noisy fan with a high quality one. I got a Papst fan from a computer outlet, that was DEAD quiet. I set me back 20$ (the one the sits in PP costs probably <1$).

The other is disconnecting the fan altogether. It can be safely done on P300 (early ones came with no fan at all) provided do not draw more than 100W from it. I got that info form PS Audio, FYI.
fan is not heard during music,i have to get by it to hear it.i put rubber feet under it and you cant really hear it at all...some of them dont have fans at all.when i had the multi wave 1 in it it would get warm ,since i upgraded it to multi wave 2 it doesnt get hot so i could unhook fan ,but its not enough to worry,buy it you wont look back
Purchased two P500's this year. One had a noisy fan, but PS Audio replaced the fan in its repair facility at no cost to me. Now both units are quiet. The units are rated 300 watts continuous and 500 watts peak power. Since mine run circa 230 watts continuous, the fan doesn't run all the time. In other words, fan noise should not be a problem in a properly operating P500 that's not overworked.

I own a PS Audio Powerplant P1000 and it makes no noise at all. Which Powerplant do you need? Which devices are you planning to connect to the device? Have a look at the ps audio's website, where you can get advice about the type of powerplant you will be needing. As far as I know, there is no fan in the latest models.

I don't hear the fan in my P500, latest version.
The fan on my P500 is on nearly all the time. Honestly, I thought it was stuck, but on the rare occasion I have heard it quiet. I think the unit is not particularly fond of the switch mode power supply in my Rowland Model 10 which I have plugged into the unit. While the fan is audible, I have gotten used to it. It may not be heard over the music. Also, Paul McGowen at PS Audio has assured me that the unit is designed to work with the fan on and as long as the unit is not overheating (which it is not), I am not compromising the performance or the longevity of the unit. I may one day upgrade to the P1000, which does not use a fan, but until then, I am completely content.
I cant' recommend the PS Audio UPC200 enough....lower noise (music sounds louder), more dynamics and transparency.....a cheap upgrade that's passive, no fan in this sucker.I had been plugging direct into the wall on dedicated lines....soundstage bloomed spectacularly.