PS Audio Power base

Has any body tried the Power Bases? What did you think about them, are they worth the money? On PS Audio web site they push them as a good deal. Not much on them any where else!
thanks Pete
I bought a PS Audio Premiere Power Plant used. It made a huge difference in my stereo. My VPI Classic sounds better! I think the PPP does the same thing VPI's controller does, except change speed. My back-up CD player, Chambridge Audio, also sounds much better. Everything is more open and more dynamic, also there is a sense of greater quiet. I liked the result so much I bought another unit for my home theater. My plasma TV looks better, and the surround sound is more involving. I was a skeptic at first, but now I consider these things essential. By the way, all my power lines are dedicated ones, so I was surprised how much improvement there was. These are the previous generation and are available on Audiogon for around a grand. I took one over to a friends' house, but he has too many barrier strips and the effect was reduced. I plug everything into them except the Parasound items, Halo amps and phono preamp, because their manufacturer says to plug them directlly into the wall. Halos draw too much anyway, I would need three units just for the stereo, too much except for the factory listening room, which has four and also four dedicated lines! Ah, if price were no object...
Our audio club auditioned the Power Base when it was just coming out. The consensus of the club was that it certainly changed the sound. But most felt that it reduced dynamics no matter what was put on to it. We tried it with a turntable, transport, dac and preamp and althoughsome people felt it improved some clarity of sound everyone agreed to a loss of dynamics. Knowning PS Audios reputation I would certainly give it a try in your own system.