PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?

I am currently enjoying my newly upgraded system with one of the components upgrade was my Perfectwave Dac Mk2 to a Directstream Dac which I am enjoying but I wonder if upgrading my transport would be worth the money as I have virtually upgraded everything else except my Hales T5 speakers. Would it be worth anywhere near $8800 CND to get the new PS Audio Memory transport. My 8 year old PWT transport functions flawlessly and I’m hesitant to get the Last transport from PS Audio as it had too many functionality issues.Would the current version PS Audio be That much better to warrant it’s inflated cost.

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I too have an early PWT (purchased in 2011), that feeds a PWD Mk1. The drawer has been getting a bit loose and shaky. I've thought about other transports, but I like the I2S connection between the two units.  The price for a new PSA transport is crazy (even with potential trade-in). BTW, the "upgrade" of the DAC to pure DSD mode, starting with Mk2, remains controversial, IMHO. I can't claim to have heard the two side-by-side, but I know some seasoned audiophiles who were never enthusiastic about the result...
I recently bought the PST (SACD transport) and it is stunning!  Superb clarity and detail. Pair with their directstream DAC through i2s
I would call and talk to Paul personally let him know you are a prior owner and see if he will make an exception to the 30 day rule. Let him know your are a serious customer and not a tire kicker. I would not be surprised to see him allowing an extended trial for you. They are really good people at PS audio.
PM me if you want to move that transport. 😀