PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?

I am currently enjoying my newly upgraded system with one of the components upgrade was my Perfectwave Dac Mk2 to a Directstream Dac which I am enjoying but I wonder if upgrading my transport would be worth the money as I have virtually upgraded everything else except my Hales T5 speakers. Would it be worth anywhere near $8800 CND to get the new PS Audio Memory transport. My 8 year old PWT transport functions flawlessly and I’m hesitant to get the Last transport from PS Audio as it had too many functionality issues.Would the current version PS Audio be That much better to warrant it’s inflated cost.

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I doubt it but of course it has the 30 day trial to make sure. Their service dept. should keep yours going forever. It really depends on how many disks you have.
I have a lot of discs but I also have an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer which keeps me busy. The PWT has a better tone by a little but the Aries may have better width in the sound stage. My amplifier is still new so play time will improve overall sound. The PWT is a little nicer than the Aries which is nice.
I don’t have the benefit of the 30 day trial as I am in Canada.
Yes, the newest is very much better, I have had all three...
The original PWT still sounds excellent and has withstood the test of time, I don’t doubt that the latest PS Audio transport could be an improvement but to what extent? "Very much bettet" is it ? or maybe subtly better. 8800.00 CND seems a steep price for the latest model.

Some Audiogon members have posted that the Jay Audio CDT2 MK II is an improvement from their original PWT. Could very well be but no question that the original PWT was/is a terrific CD transport.
interesting too how the price of used PWT's seems to have doubled the past few years...
I wasn't aware of the of the used  PWT  price escalation .  It's definitely a top notch transport so I guess not too surprising. 
The PWT is experience is with the PWT MK ll

Sorry about the lack of audition for Canadiens.
I was not aware. So... don' worry 'bout it.

Total agreement with @charles1dad .
I'm still very happy with my PWT. $8800 is a high price for an upgrade considering law of diminishing returns.

I would bet that the upgrade you just made in DACs would be orders of magnitude bigger than what's possible from the proposed upgrade in transports.
I too have an early PWT (purchased in 2011), that feeds a PWD Mk1. The drawer has been getting a bit loose and shaky. I've thought about other transports, but I like the I2S connection between the two units.  The price for a new PSA transport is crazy (even with potential trade-in). BTW, the "upgrade" of the DAC to pure DSD mode, starting with Mk2, remains controversial, IMHO. I can't claim to have heard the two side-by-side, but I know some seasoned audiophiles who were never enthusiastic about the result...
I recently bought the PST (SACD transport) and it is stunning!  Superb clarity and detail. Pair with their directstream DAC through i2s
I would call and talk to Paul personally let him know you are a prior owner and see if he will make an exception to the 30 day rule. Let him know your are a serious customer and not a tire kicker. I would not be surprised to see him allowing an extended trial for you. They are really good people at PS audio.
PM me if you want to move that transport. 😀