ps audio perfect wave transport

does any know if this will store more than one cd. Also any other info about it.
I think the PS Audio website will have all the info you need.
PS has been promising a cd product for years now. First it was going to be a "memory player", which was never produced Now this which looks to be a one disk music server, coupled with a renamed DAC product. I think PS needs a credibility check. All marketing hype, no product?
There's a fairly detailed description in the February Absolute Sound, in RH's coverage of the RMAF. Check also the Music Direct website.
Wpines--looks like you might be on to something. Just checked the Music Direct website: projected price has jumped up from the 2K reported by RH to 3K, and availability has jumped back from February to April/May. Hmmmmm.
For more information, refer to their January newsletter. It contains the reasoning behind the price increase and product delay. I can see where delays in release dates and price increases are frustrating to some, but personally, I find the transparency in their product development refreshing.

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I agree with Guinness. Forums are great places to express an opinion. PS has had several notices explaining why the MP is delayed. Better to bring out the right product late than a lesser product on time. Notice that Oppo is very closed mouth about their new products? They grew tired of explaining the delays and pricing changes due to circumstances beyond their control. To the point...I believe it will play only one disc at a time, using a storage device to buffer.
Here is a link for a You Tube video of Paul Mcgowan talking about the new PWT...
As I understand it, it can store/buffer up to 4 minutes of music, to reduce jitter when playing an individual CD conventionally, but the intent is also that it be used as a drive to rip many CDs to an external storage device.
I really don't see the value of this transport, other than being able to play high resolution DVDs and lower jitter CD to DAC. I think I would rather have a USB DAC.

Isn't the real future of digital something like an audiphile computer? For us computer illiterates, I would like to see a single box I can hook up to my cable service. Something with a memory transport, quality DAC and/or USB output to outboard DAC, and computer all in one. I'm not looking for something I have to integrate into my desktop. Seems like someone could make a mint off of something like this. The memory player only works within an existing audio system, essentially taking the place of my present transport, not worth 3k to me. Am I missing something here?
Almost forgot some other issues I have with this transport. First of all you need a DAC that inputs high resolution data, and then you need HDMI input to attain lowest jitter (seperate word clock data). I see this product as a dedicated transport for the PS Audio DAC.

I'm not the most educated on this topic but if you're feeding a bit-perfect signal over coaxial or AES/EBU to a DAC which buffers the data (ignoring the incoming clock) then reassigning a new clock signal prior to any upsampling or filtration...wouldn't that eliminate or significantly reduce any potential jitter just the same as what is claimed by using the I2S???
Every DAC buffers and reclocks input. Jitter is reintroduced in digital cables, the HDMI design should have lowest jitter. Less jitter should result in better sonics, less reconstruction for DAC clock. Even PS Audio admits as much, claiming the HDMI output is optimium.

Still, in theory, the Perfect Wave should offer higher performance potential than a traditional transport, bit perfect transport should output less overall jitter, only have cable induced jitter.
The defacto standard for all external DACs is going to be USB. Specifically, the asynchronous USB developed by Wavelength. In theory, this method of transfer introduces no more jitter than a single one box CD player design because the transport (computer) is slaved to the DACs word clock.

Wavelength, dCS, and Ayre are the only ones using it as far as I know.