PS Audio Perfect Wave MK II vs. McIntosh D100

I have a Mcintosh system fed by a Mac mini. I currently have a PS Audio Digital Link III. I like it but I'm looking for an upgrade.
I can get the above mentioned dacs used for around the same price.
My amp and pre amp are tube along with Audio Note speakers so my system is warm and musical, I woudln't call it the most forward or revealing system which it could probably stand a little of.
Does anyone have any experience with these dacs they can share with me?
Thank you.
No experience with the McIntosh. But I've had my PWDMKII for a year and a half, and am very happy with my front end. There's not much buzz on the PWD these days since the release of the Directstream, but I consider it a mighty fine piece of kit.
I agree the PWDMK11 is a big improvement over the PSADL111
I also have no experience with the D100
I agree that PWDII a big improvement over DLIII; I had both in my house.

PSA might not be the best equipped company to support customers with software issues of the sort that come up with computer audio; my experience was dismal.

For this reason, I moved on from PSA.

Currently using the Sonore exD DSD. Little of the functionality of the PWD, but compares favorably with respect to musicality -- for much less $.

Another thought is that I could get a used Berkeley Alpha 1 for a few hundred dollars more. But do I gain more with newer technology with the PWD or D100 then old for the same money. The Alpha 1 gets great reviews.