PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC + Bridge

In my ongoing research into music servers/digital audio solutions, I came across PS Audio and their anticipated server/streaming solution using an add-in to their DAC, scheduled for release in June. Does anyone know anything about this component and whether it is worth waiting for? I'm hesitant because I figure it will suffer inevitably from version 1 kinks, but PS Audio seems to be highly regarded and the marketing material would have you believe it is like the second coming of the LP. Any thoughts appreciated!
I'm super-interested in this as well. Can't wait to hear feedback.

Personally, I'm sure it sounds outstanding, but I'm skeptical about the interface, if for no other reason that interface/software design is something I know about, and it's a really superhuge big deal for a company to even be good at that one part...let alone have all the other technical competencies that PS Audio has.

I hope I have to eat these cautionary words, and that it smokes everything else in every possible way. Unfortunately, I will not be among the early adopters.
Can't speak to the bridge (which I eagerly await), but I have an early PW DAC, which has been pretty much glitch free. There may be some hiccups with the bridge, but my experience, and what I've read on the boards, has me pretty confident. Like others, I enjoy the sound of mine. John
i agree with John. PSA is being very deliberate and careful developing the bridge. as Soundgasm accurately points out, it's a major task developing such an interface. Paul M has stated on several occasions just how difficult it is..... when explaining the many delays in the bridges release. this things development goes well beyond knowing "good audio". very complex software issue's need to be resolved and countless bugs addressed before letting it loose on the public.

the pwt/pwd release seems to have gone smoothly thus far so i'll give them the benefit of the doubt regarding the bridge. hope they can pull it off as i'm already in line to get one.

It should've been completed or near completion before being announced. Have been waiting 10 years for the Digital Lens which has once again been shelved for other products. Pure bullshit.
i agree....they shouldn't have announced a release until it was close to being released (as opposed to a year in advance). lots of folks are really pissed off and i can understand why. know i'd be peeved had i purchased the pwd by itself, counting on the bridge to follow soon afterward.

also just read that the price objective couldn't be hit. it'll cost more the estimated but psa will subsidize/help current perfect wave owners who were told/expecting a much lower price.

btw. it's not shelved. just hasn't been a #1 priority for the company. release to beta testers is this month. should be ready to sell by july from what i understand. i've heard this before and think it's bs. i really think it's gonna happen this time though. hang in there man....this thing is going to kick ass when it does show up!.

The main problem is Paul himself. It seems he's not able to stay focused on one or two projects at a time. Do we really need power units that work with cloud computing(did they sell a bunch)?

I know Paul doesn't invent everything(the Noise Harvester is an example), but he's the one who gives the green light for production. He should scale back and stop trying to re-invent the world so quickly.