PS Audio PCA-2 upgrade replacement options

I'm running this with the optional HCPS. It sounds pretty good but I'm always looking for something better. Would a used Pass X-1 be any improvement? Any other recommendations? I want to stay with balanced SS and could spend up to 5k. The amp is a Wyred 4 Sound ST-500 which I just got and really like. Synergy would of course be important.
I picked up the PCA-2/HCPS and HCA-2 when PS Audio discontinued them a few years back, later I added a MF X10v3 tube buffer in the loop. My speakers are 25 yr. old Vandersteen 2C. I also added AirMatrix XLR's and Silver Resolution [better!] IC's. Last fall I purchased a AE-25 Superamp on Audiogon. The results were way better than I hoped for. When I rolled 6CG7 RCA cleartops and 7DJ8[Haltron label] tubes everything came together. I stopped hearing the hardware. Now to the point. In my system, the PCA-2/HCPS and Vandersteen 2C[12ga hookup wire from RS] allowed each improvement to be heard. Would the Pass be better? Don't know. But I think the PCA-2/HCPS is a fine preamp[phono card included]. For now I, still have my HCA-2 but no way am I getting rid of the PCA-2/HCPS AE-25 combo. I suggest that you live with what you have until you can pin down the strength and weakness of your system. Work in the direction you want to go by optimizing the necessities. Be patient, try not to get obsessive, wait for good opportunities and enjoy the music. That green grass over there takes yardwork.
Hey Khyber, thanks for your response. I got the PS Audio PCA/HCPS/HCA-2 combo the same way you did. I traded the Cullen modded HCA-2 in on the Wyred 4 Sound amp. BIG improvement in detail and bass extension. I have two MF X10v3s! One for the cd player and one for the DVD player (plus the optional power supply.) I have an unopened one in the closet plus two sets of replacement tubes. Yeah, I'm obsessive about them. Since the replacement tubes are solder in rather than plug in, does it take a specially trained tech to do replace them? I'm useless at soldering. Your're right about the green grass. I've thought about new cables, but with all the choices and the massive markups, it seems overwhelming. I am thinking about speakers too. My Snell D's are eleven years old. I love them, but ... Am thinking about either Joseph 25XL or Gershman Sonogram. I will do a lot of auditioning! The local dealer offers try 'em at home. That's a big plus.
Rocket, you are fortunate to have a local dealer to work with. I in audio wasteland, hence my "proceed with caution". I admit that I have given some thought of listing the HCA-2 on this site. They are one of the better values for $700, give or take. That would free up almost enough bucks to try the small W4S and still keep the AE-25. Did I say obsessive? check out Element Cable, great value, long break in. Peace
Rocket, I meant to suggest Signalcable. I am very happy with both performance and appearance. I do not disregard Element Cable but I have not tried their product. Peace
Khyber, I have LOTS of Signalcable in my system. Frank gives a lot of bang for the buck. Have you talked with Walter at Underwood HiFi about trading your HCA-2 for the W4S? That's what I did. I have bought six or seven pieces from him since '03. He is very honest and fair. Check out his site. He lists stuff on Audiogon too. Later.