PS Audio PCA-2 Preamplifier - Characteristics?

Has anyone used this preamp?
Probably matching it with anyother preamps including the HCA-2. Just curious as to its signature type.

Any input will help. Please dont recommend a different preamp, I just need to know about this one in particular.

Thank you
A very nice unit that was not on the market long enough to make a name for itself. I would describe it as having good detail and able to present tone and textures well above its pay grade. I would not tell you that I have "golden ears" but with the PCA-2 in my system changes in wire and other tweaks are easily audible. For value added look for the on board phono and HCPS power supply. In the last year I've been making big changes in my system and as I write this I note that I have not even thought of replacing the PCA-2. And then there are its features....I think it a great value on the used market. Hope this helps.
I have a PCA-2 and have compared it to the Aesthetix Calypso, an Audio Research LS-16MKII, as well as a few more highly regarded line stages. The PCA was better than all in my system. The only one that I tried that was marginally better was the Pass Labs XO.2. The Pass had better low level detail which sometimes can come across as a little bright. I also tried the Krell KCT but couldn't hear any real difference. The PCA is a great preamp that has lots of features and inputs for not a lot of money.
I once asked Paul McGowan why they stopped making the PCA and he told me it was too expensive to build and sell at the price they were asking.
I own 2 of these "sleeper" Reference quality pre-amps, with
the HCPS for both.
With the GCA-500, and GCA-250, the sound is something that
when matched properly with power cables and connects; these
products form a Musical Synergy rarely found at this price range.
Much more can be spent, but the question is, "will it sound better?" Rowland owners say this combo is as good if not better than their 2 box pre-amps.
Dollar for dollar, these are fantastic products, they let
the Music pass without being affected at All. The result is
a spacious sound-field,accurate low end, All of the qualities You hope for in a Reference Quality pre-amp.

Cabling is key to the Synergy.

Well worth the effort, once set up, listening for hours, is
so easily done.

The "air" and the clarity, is almost scary "clear".

Love Your Music
I bought one here on agon a few months ago to pair with the HCA2 and it sounds amazing.

Great detail and clarity with this pre. Lot's of cool features too.

The only problem I have is that it has really exposed "weak" recordings. I can't listen to half of my CD's now!!

I would like to make one last tweak and get an HCPS. Anyone has one?
I have the PCA-2 + HCPS and the HCA-2. I use pro sound balanced interconnects wherever possible and the setup sounds great and has zero issues. Equipment treadmill: Stopped.
I have a PCA 2 preamp modified by Doug Jessie in my exercise room two channel system.  Using molded Ampzilla 300 wpc monoblock amps, Silverline speakers,  a modded Aurilac Vega dac and modded Oppo disc player.

The PCA 2 preamp is a stellar performer.  Clean, crystal clear, very nice soundstage, and excellent detail without fatigue.  Doug made it lots better than it's very good stock performance.