PS Audio PCA-2 Pre-Amp ????

I see ads for the PS Audio PCA-2 pre amp on their web site, but can't find any reviews or chats about it(anywhere) as there were so many about the HCA-2 Amp.
Is this available yet?
I left e-mail at PS Audio and received no comment yet.
Is this supposed to be the (perfect)match with the HCA-2 amp,and that anyone using them together will be in stereo(ummm-ummm good) heaven?
Any Comments????
can anyone give me the specs. like sensitivity and impendence curve. thanks.
It may be that PS is jumping the gun and advertising this product when it's engineering cycle has not been completed. I have seen this happen before. There are several reasons for engineering delays - performance or reliability issues, parts availability, third party vendors that do not deliver on time, safety issues, etc.

On the other hand, perhaps PS planned on advertising the product well in advance of availablity to see what kind of response they would get(test the waters). Maybe this helps them gauge how many units to have manufactured.

In any event, hopefully once this product does become available it will not be as controversial as their amplifier.