PS audio P600 in multiwave operation

I purchased a p600 and am going to use it in multiwave for my solid state equ. Mcintosh mc352/ Mcintosh c42/Sony SCD-1. Heres my question in my anolog system I have a VPI TNT JR/ BAT vkp-5 phono stage. I have heard BAT equ. does not like multiwave settings they like sine wave, also would it harm the vkp-5 in multiwave? I know I have to use sine wave for the ac motor of the VPI. I do have a monsterpower HTS-5000 line conditioner I could use that for the BAT/ VPI but its only a conditioner. I also plan to add a SDS control for the turn table which one would you plug this into the conitioner or the AC generater ? Any sugestions David
With respect to the SDS, it has its own regenerator and shouldn't be plugged into anything but the wall. I have my tube phono stage plugged into a P300, but it tends to squawk (power supply transformer noise) with most multiwave settings. Frankly, I prefer the sinewave setting anyway.
I agree with Dopogue. I own a P-300, and the multiwave is just a bunch a snake oil. Sure, there are the subtlest differences, but they are only differences, not improvements. However, I REALLY like the basic Powerplant platforms and would recommend them to anybody!
When you operate the SDS plugged in to the PS 300 or 600, It should not operate on multiwave mode, just the very basic mode.
I like the Power plants well enough in certain applications my self. I owned a couple of PS300's, and did also have problems with "transformer buzz" and such from certain pieces in multi-wave settings! The Sinewave is the most trouble free. I could however see that certain systems (as is) do sound better with multi-wave going. Depending on overall balance and components used, there could be improvments to sound using them. I guess it seems it depends on your system.
I always see different settings at the "Shows" everyear. So that's that I suppose. I have also often been concerned about any problems the multi-wave settings might pose on gear, buzzing and all. Hummmmm