PS Audio P500 Yes? -No?

Anyone have experience they can share on the latest version PS Audio P500? This is the unit w/ MMWII, the new servo system, Auto Wave, and System Clean. Sounds like I should have one but it all seems like a bit of an overpromise. I know my gear and electrical matters at my home have an impact. But I am sure grateful for any informed opinions you all might have. Thanks.
I had the P600 - in my new home with dedicated power, I decided I didn't need it on my tube amp - straight to wall was best. I also traded my tube amp for a digital one (NuForce 9s) and found it didn't help at all.

The PPs run hot and eat power, FWIW.

On the tube amp (in my old house) it provided quite a variety of sounds depending on selected setting - it's a bit like adding dynamics. More vivid somehow. This was with MWII. I liked it there.

To summarize - it depends on your amp and tastes.

Bob Wood
i have the 300 mw2+, and i think im going back to mw 1,to bright for some reason..but it is great with my front end mostly digital,dac,transport ,powersuppy,and meridian 518,arc friend has the 500 on his front end and loves it,mw2+,you have to try it,i wouldnt recomend on amps, 500 isnt big enough for most amps.get one used and if you dont like it sale it..the setting without any multi wave is good clean power
I had a p-600 that I used only for front end gear, it worked great. The p-600 never ran hot just warm to the touch. I recently sold the p-600 and in it's place added the p-500 as it's now placed on my equipment rack. The p-500 runs a bit warmer than my old p-600 I think due to the smaller chassis design and less output but still works great with my equipment. I consume about 200 watts or approx. 47% of the p-500. I use the sine wave mode most of the time and every now and then I use tube wave. I keep the voltage set at 120 volts as this yields the best sound. On my p-600 I had the multi wave II plus (cleaning thing) my tube preamp made a wierd noise when I used that feature, don't no why but I did like the result it made but stopped using the cleaning feature as I didn't want to damage my tube preamp. I have been using power plants for the past three years and when I made the switch from the p-600 to the p-500 and was without a power plant for a few days that's when I really noticed how much they really do improve the sound. For my system I have a dedicate line > porter port > p-500 > power director > Preamp, phono stage, TT motor, D/A and transport as this is the best set up for me. As with my amps I don't connect them to the power plant but use a UPC 200 for each amp istead and a dedicated line for each UPC 200. If you buy used and don't like it you can always sell it and get most if not all your money back. Happy Listening!
Thank you for your responses. Very helpful. I believe I'm going to get the P500. Any other comments are very appreciated.
p-500 is great product . I have been using one on my front end digital gear for over a year. I prefer the sine 60hz setting for good clean regenerated ac but the MW settings are interesting and fun to try. You will hear specific audiable differences in the MW II settings.Some good some not so good. I believe it differs with electronics that are attached, As suggested before this product not designed for amps.
I have had my P500 for about 2+ months now and can honestly say that it MAKES A VERY REAL DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF WHAT I AM HEARING ON MY SYSTEM. I am thinking of getting a second unit to fully cover my front end gear. Wonderful investment for me.