PS Audio P5 owners--are the fans truly quiet?

I read that there are two fans underneath the heat sinks on this unit.  Are they truly quiet, as PS says?
@twoleftears   The P5 fans are very quiet.  I am listening in a dedicated finished basement room with an extremely low noise floor.  With all but my subwoofers running off of the P5 I am using 34% of its capability.  I just paused Beethoven's Symphony #2 to listen for the fans.  I couldn't hear it at all until my ears were at P5 level, 18" from the unit!  It is a very quiet low frequency sound.

If memory serves, PS Audio borrowed the fan set up from Audio Research as their tube amps need fans and they admired the effectiveness of the fans on the circuitry while running so quietly.

I don't know if this helps, but I had a Premier Power Plant before trading it in on the P5.  The P5 is several orders of magnitude more effective at producing clean output power ( .1% total harmonic distortion out) and it powers my whole system( I couldn't run my McCormack DNA-1 amp on the PPP without the regenerator shutting down).

There is loads of dynamic headroom.  All music is more expressive dynamically through the P5.
@hifiman5 This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for and it is extremely helpful. Thank you very much. 

Are the fans on the P5 significantly more quiet than the fans on the PPP?

For sure.  The PPP fans were significantly louder and the sound was of a higher pitch.  The P5 and PPP are completely different units.  The P5 is built more robustly than the PPP.  I actually had two PPP units.  The first PPP suffered a regenerator failure as it could not handle the demands of my power amp.  As I mentioned above, the P5 is cruising at 34% of maximum with my SACD player, SACD outboard power supply, preamp, phono preamp, Quantum Symphony Pro and my SmC Audio Revision A+ of a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe.  

My PPP had 1.7% input distortion, .7% out.  The P5 is 1.7% in .1% out.

Thanks for the information. I had a PPP and eventually sold it due to the fan noise.