PS Audio P300 or Cardas Golden Reference?

Currently I'm using REGA Jupiter, KRC, FBP600, and Celestion A3. I'm thinking about upgrading my interconnector between pre and power or PS Audio power generator P300 (or 500) Which upgrade will be noticable or effective for the amount of money? I think both will be around $500. P300 can be benefical for both KRC and Rega. Please direct me. Thanks.
Of all the cables that there are, why have you picked Cardas?? LISTEN in your system before purchasing!!
What is wrong with Cardas? I have a pair I'm trying right now and they seem pretty good to me.
Krell components don't appreciate being plugged into power conditioners or regenerators. The sonics will suffer..low level information, transparncy, dynamics, slam etc.. For a cheap but exceeptional IC try a pair of Monster Cable Z Reference Balanced IC's (about $200/pair). I demo's them with my Evo rig against my MIT Oracle V2.2 IC's and it was darn hard to tell the difference!
If you like them, in your system, that's what its all about.
I think I've tried every power conditioner out there. They all made my system worse...yes, they change the sound and it sounds different, but don't confuse different with better.
I would normally say go with the Cardas GR as I have my system wired with them. But one set really won't give you the noticeable improvemant that a cleaner power will. I would start with the power and then add the Cardas GRs as budget permits. One positive about the Cardas GR's is that here on AG they seem to hold thier value. One other suggestion is conatct the Cable Company about their Cable lending Library. That was how I narrowed it down to the GR's for my system. Try a few brands and models and see if you hear the obvious choice for your system.
What about the Cast connections between preamp and amp? I've hear that Nordost now makes a Cast cable that is very good, why not take advantage of potentially better technology if you have the opportunity?
The KCR and FPB600 are not cast ready!
My experience has been that improvements to power delivery are more noticeable than improvements on any other cabling. YMMV though.
It all matters and can frequently create a sonic maelstrom from which one may find it hard to escape. Use the cable companies loaner program or borrow from a dealer for an in home trial for any's the only wat to be sure!
So, P300 will be not good for KRC. Uhm....
I'm with Countingbackwards on this one. Buy the power conditioner. I use a p-500 with a Krell DVD Standard and it sounds great. I bought the power conditioner to bypass the frequency lockout since I live overseas, but my unit works on 50 or 60 Hz. Anyway, I tried it both ways and preferred the DVD plugged into the power regenerator so I kept it.
I worked 3 years modifying a P300 and at one point also had Cardas Golden Ref. PK for every component. The P300 with MW2 will bring a bigger benefit to your system than one GR power cable. If you had them on everything? That is impossible to know without trying. I personally would buy a used PS soloist for the wall plug, and then make my own PKs from DIY parts from Parts Connection, Michael Percy, or Ebay. I just cannot shell out $300 for a used GR anymore.. I actually have sold off the ones that I did own (3).
Are you the guy that had the pics on the PSA forum detailing the mod? Do you still have it for sale?

I did have that p300 for sale for awhile. I loaned it to a guy who had interest in buying, but decided not to sell. I put too much into it and wanted to keep it.

The gallery shows start to finish over four years..

I'm not sure if I am the guy in psaudio forum or not.. I posted some things at diyaudio...
you always start with the power. What comes out of the wall will impact your system sound the most. PS Audio P300 or P500 will be much noticeable upgrade than changing the interconnect. Clean power will impact your whole system whilst changing the interconnect is only partial.