PS Audio P300 ?

Why are there so many P300's for sale? The reviews are good but...Is it worth buying? Are people starting to have problems with multiwave? Thanks
mine works perfectly, adds more to everything would never take it out of system. maybe some are moving up to larger power plants.
PS is adding yet another variation to it (knock it off, P!), so peeple get the urge to get the "latest & greatest."
The original was just fine. The multiwave added nothing but $300 to the price.
When I look through the listings here, I find item volumes difficult to assess since I don't have knowledge of the number of total units out there. I suspect PS Audio has sold a lot of these. Though there have been a number of postings here expressing various concerns about the product, I have a P300 and think it works as advertised. The multiwave included--though its impact is marginal compared with the other benefits.

That said, I may be selling mine in the near future. The P300 works great for my CDP and preamp but can't run all my gear. I suspect that the greatest improvement comes from running these two components from a Power Plant. Power quality where I live is a big issue though so I am upgrading to a more comprehesive solution. From the commentary in many of the classifieds, it appears others are doing this as well. --Scott
I bet some of the best deals are the original and people want the mulitwave and want a new unit instead of a upgrade.
I purchased a PS Audio PP 300 (with the multiwave chip and the fan assembly} and after several days of running (runs 24/7), there appeared a LOUD rumbling noise. I took it back to my dealer and we removed the multi-wave chip. Since then no problems. I run a tube pre-amp and DAC. Another friend of mine runs all tubes and had the same problem.