PS Audio P3 power Plant

I like to know if I can connect to P3 power plant ( ps audio) my pass lab power amp XA 30.5? I also need to connect other gears to it like CD player and Pre Amp to same P3 . XA 30.5 takes max 200 watts , whereas CD player and preamp put together will take no more than 200 watts . P3 gives 750 watts , so that appears to be safe. But my can I connect power amp and CD player+ preamp to one same P3 power plant ? Or do I need separate conditioner for power amp XA30.5 ?
Besides this , can you suggest if ps audio P3 is the right choice for my application ? Or do I consider to buy some other power conditioner ?
Your suggestions , comments are welcome .
The P3 has two 'high current' outlets that are filtered and surge protected but draw their juice from the house AC - they do not draw power from the regeneration part of the P3. The 750 AV limit of the P3 is not affected by anything plugged into those two outlets. There is plenty of power for all the front-end pieces you want and it looks like your amp as well.

If you want to be sure, go to their site and find the email address for their sales dept (under Contact Us). I sent them some questions and they answered within an hour or so.
If your Pass amp takes only 200 watts, I would bet your front end (CD player and preamp) take no more than 100 watts combined for a total of about 300 watts.

I'd put the amp on its own outlet and in fact you could put the two front end pieces on their own regenerated outlets as well (to keep them isolated from one another).

I'm pretty sure the PS P3 would work fine like that and it will read out the total power your gear draws when you plug it all in and power it up. So you'll know exactly how much power your gear consumes.

My whole front end, turntable, CD player, preamp, and tube phono stage use just over 50 watts combined and I have them all on the P3's regenerated outlets. I use a high power amp that can draw a maximum of around 950 watts and I run that off of the P3's high-current AC outlet with no problems at all... just plenty of excellent sound. The P3's filtered HC
outlet should be used if the total wattage of all components can exceed 750 watts. In your case I see no problem at all.

Good luck.
Radni, as Plato pointed out the P3 should have plenty of power for your system. I have my integrated amp, cdp, and Sonos powered from my P3 and it never draws more than 105W.

In terms of sonic quality, I can definitely say the P3 had the biggest impact on my systen, aside from speakers. AC Regeneration/clean power should be the starting point for everyone's system in order to hear what it is really capable of.
Tboooe, I couldn't agree more. Clean power should be the starting point for every decent audio or AV system.

If you feed all that garbage and hash from your power line into your electronics chain, for sure a certain amount of it gets amplified and passed to your speakers and can be recognized as hashy highs, less clarity, and hardness.

My P3 allows the music to sound more relaxed, detailed, and engaging. I consider it essential for good sound.
You have to be crazy to connect a Class "A" amp to a PS Audio power regenerator.
Sorry to say the PS system basically is another amplifier putting out 60 Hz high amperage power.
It is a hard load to connect it to a class "A" amplifier.. even a low wattage one.
The PS Audio regenerators waste about 50% or more of the power they use.. So to a Class "A" amp it is really going to burn through energy..

I use my PS Audio P600 only for my digital stuff. That way it is just idling along. instead of being forced to output it's maximum power all the time.
The electricity wasted alone will raise your room temp 10F..
So I would suggest some other conditioner type for your amp.
KEEP the PS for everything else if you like it, but find some other item for your amp. NOT a power regenerator.

I would suggest a Furman
I use a Furman REF20i I bought used here.. For my amps and all the analog stuff, and my video.
I live in India and power quality that we get from Company is quite bad. In that case I thought, would a Regenerated power from PS Audio P3 not be a better supply got my Amp ? I am ready to live with higher energy consumption or temp rise for that matter. But at least my Amp will get pure sine wave power !
Realize the PS Audio power regenerators like yours improve the sine wave, but they do not make a perfect sinewave output. They improve it, but really still leave some irregularites in the power wave.
Like my PS Audio P600: if the incoming power has 8% grunge, then the output will be about 2% grunge.
Less.. but not perfect.
Also the PS Audio or any power conditioner really work best at well below the rated total power output. The greater the output, the less perfect it is going to be.

You can try your amp on the PS Audio P3, but watch if the P3 runs much hotter..If the P3 does not seem to be running too hot then it may be fine.

I had a PS Audio PPP and found it got too noisy and hot just from running my plasma TV! So I sold it and found the Furman which can handle much greater loads.
I picked up a used PS Audio Premier Power Plant for my system. I plug everything into it except my power amps, JC1 Halos. They plug right into dedicated lines, and the factory says to run them this way. The odd thing for me was the need to run my phono preamp, JC3, into the wall as well, and with the ground lifted. Everything is silent and the improvements in dynamics and image have made me feel these power regenerators are a fundamental part of a serious system. In fact, I bought a second and use it for my home theater. The plasma TV looks much better, and the surround sound system is much more vivid. PS Audio has a big listening room with four dedicated lines and their top regenerators on each one! Must be nice to play at that level!
I agree with Oldtex, your gear is well under the maximum rating of the P3, Class-A or not. And I believe the newer PS Audio regenerators are more efficient than the older models like Elizabeth has. But if there is any question by all means contact PS Audio directly and they will give you a prompt answer.
Plato is right. The new generation PS Audio units (P3, P5, P10 -- I have a P10) are way more efficient that the old series. I had two of the original P300s and yes, they were inefficient and ran very hot. They couldn't begin to handle one of my 845 SET monoblocks, let alone both of them. The P10 handles everything And yes, I tried the stuff into the wall and compared. Like others here, I wouldn't be without one of these regenrators.
I want to purchase a p3 as well. However, the power supply of my densen b-330 is 750VA which is equal to the p3. Does this mean my densen b-330 power amp uses 750VA of power? Will the p3 be able to power my system?

Macbook pro -> Nad m51 dac -> densen b200 (2x20va power supply) -> densen b-330 (750va power supply) -> neat mf5.

How would you recommend i install them?

Thanks all :)