PS Audio P3

I decided to check the Tech fourm today and I'm very glad that I did. I am thinking of (eventually) adding a PS Audio P 3 to my system consisting of an ARC CD 3 Mk 2 (which is small) and a Classe Cap 151 integrated amp, would the P 3 be adaquite to provide for my needs (and not over heat) or would a better choice be to add an ARC DAC 7 to pull larger sound staging, depth and resolution (which is what I'm looking to try and stay with in bugeting for)? When I listen to music I don't push the CAP 151 at all (but then again that may be in material) and it always runs cool and at most just a touch warm (like a very low fever). Could I hear your opinions please and Thank you for your input.
Improvements from power conditioning can vary widely depending on the quality of power and the gear in use. I would tend to lean toward investing in the DAC first. For power make sure you plug your amp direct in the wall and eliminate any power strips. Add power cords and conditioning on CD/DAC/PRE when funds are availible.
Steuspeed--For sure I have upgraded the both Power Cords and the outlets already and don't use power strips but would the DAC upgrade be a WOW or just an incremental change to what I'm seeking for the monetary investment (I've contacted ARC but not heard back from them yet)? The P 3 (by some of the current reports) seems to be a good choice. I've also paid attention to with upgraded speaker cables and IC prior to this (see my system) but, I was curious as to the question also that I had asked concerning the P 3. Thanks for your input.
That's a tough question since I am not familiar with your CD player. Are the guts of your CD player the same as the DAC 7 or is it significantly different? If they are the same, the improvements may be small. How much improvement may not be known until you try. Sorry, I can't help more.
I checked the ARC web sight and found that my CD 3 Mk 2 is using a 24 bit Crystal dac with a 24/192 sampling that doesn't upsample, the DAC 7 has an additional transformer but, uses 24 bit Burr Brown dac with 24/192 sampling and also doesn't upsample either. Having NOT heard back from ARC from posing my question it looks that the improvemnt would only be incremental at best.
I would agree that the dac would be a small improvement and suggest that the P3 would benefit each component it powers. Experience with P5 & P10 has shown good benefits here but like each part you need to try one first..