PS Audio P15 Power Regen versus Ansuz Mainz8 DTC Power Distributor

Anyone have any experience in comparing the above two options(or P20,  Ansuz, D2, DTC Supreme options).

I have various power cables, mainly VooDoo, Ansuz.

My main system is tube, mainly Audio Research Reference.


Demo a P15/20. PS Audio will only charge you the shipping if you don't like it.

Ansuz just  looks like another fancy power conditioner with a website full of technical stuff to wow the reader. It isn't a  AC regenerator like the PP, so not a apples to apples comparison.

No direct experience. Just a  satisfied user of a 13 year old PP. 
The P15 is absolutely incredible. I had a P5, then a P10 and finally the P15. Each upgrade I heard a distinct improvement and I find no reason go any further.
Thankyou for your responses.  I actually have a P15(great) but as I have been accumulating Ansuz power cables I have an interest in the Ansuz option. Anybody had experience with both?
For sure always try to demo if possible.  Everything is about synergy with your existing components and personal preference.

As @tablejockey mentioned the PS is an active regenerator and the Ansuz is passive.  If you have any power quality concerns or don't mind the power being "processed" the PS is something to try out.  If you are a purist and just want noise, interference, etc. removed out of the signal path Ansuz is the one to try out.

I personally have high regard for Ansuz.  The first experience I had was trying out a full loom of A2 power cables + power distributor and was blown away how much impact it had in my system. It solved many of the issues I had at the time with brightness and lack of mid-bass.  I have massive respect for the designer, Michael Borresen.

With Ansuz, the higher up you go in the line the more detail you should get.  If you decide to try out Ansuz make sure to pair the power distributor with the matching power cable going to the wall (e.g., Mainz8 D2 + Mainz D2) to get the biggest benefit.