PS Audio P10

Does anyone have comments on the performance, operational noise, sound quality characteristics and other benefits of a PS Audio P10 or P5. I am likely more interested in the P10 as fan noise "bugs" me.

An fellow Audiogon'er recommended a PS Audio P10 power regenerator to me as fundamental protection and power quality while we were discussing an unrelated topic. I solicited the recommendation, indirectly, by mentioning that I wasn't thrilled with a balanced power solution that I currently have and I was wandering off into power conditioner forest. Many of the power conditioners may clean up the sound but don't offer any surge protection or voltage regulation. I will be using this on a system "front end" and leaving the amp to another solution.

I wouldn't say that my power is unreliable or notably of poor quality but I do lean towards the regenerated power concept as a believable benefit that can be easily accepted as fact.

At the same time, there as oodles of "power conditioners" and very few "power regenerators". Similar lack of reviews or information about the PS10/5/3 models which have recently brought their manufacturing back to the USA for China.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
I have one and love it. Handles everything including a pair of SET monoblock amps. Totally noise-free. Unless you really have an extensive system, though, you could probably get away with a P5. I've owned PS Audio Power Plants ever since introduction of the original P300 and wouldn't be without one.
Ditto, fundamental part of my system. P5 has fans, too noisy for me. All of my components must work in silence or they get on my nerves, inc Balanced power transformers, which I used two of prior to P10. P10 is silent, it just gets on with doing a very good job. Recommended..