PS Audio P 500 Power Plant

Anyone listened to this new conditioner, and compared it to the other hot kids on the block - Exact Power, Equi=Tech, and so on?
Yep, I used it briefly in my system, and felt like it really enhanced the sound of whatever was playing. It has quite a few programmable modes. I liked the auto multi-wave feature, which picked the best multiwave program for the particular power needs of the system based on the particular music demands at that moment, or so they claim. Plus, it looks cool!

Before buying the P500 though, I wanted to audition the Audio Magic Stealth conditioners that are getting wonderful praise from everyone. I currently have the Audio Magic Stealth Matrix, which retails for quite a bit more than the P500. Yet, despite the price, I decided to stick with the AM Matrix. Without going into detail about the Matrix, I think it's safe to say that it's a much better conditioner than the P500. My system has never sounded so good. The only addition that's made as a great an impact was my speaker upograde over a year ago. Plus, the Matrix is a much simpler design and doesn't run hot and/or use juice on a constant basis. I encourage you to check out the AM gear. A lot of folks here seem to prefer AM over PS Audio, and I now understand why.
The power plants were one of the most overhyped accesories. I fell for it and bought one and sold it in 1 month. Degraded the dynamics of my system. Ther are numerous conditioners that do a much better job