PS Audio P-500 good, bad or indifferent ?

I realize that these type of devices work differently from system to system, house to house, etc. Has anyone had any negative expereinces with the P-500 ? Do you think it is it worth the 2K price ? I have listened to the Audioprism Foundation III on my system and like it. I have never heard any of the PS Audio regenerating devices. Any comments or suggestions ?

In my system, the P500 works like a dream. Get it now!
Let me start off with a little history, I started off with the P300 and loved it but it ran too hot and my tube amplifiers put out more current than the P300 could handle. Purchased a P600 and it worked great, thought I would try the P500(smaller unit). Though I liked the sound I thought it ran too hot and the fan was loud. Returned the P500 and the P600 is still in my system. If you have the room(the P600 is huge) I would look at an used model, they have been running between 1250.00 -1500.00 here on Audiogon. Good Luck.