PS Audio Outlet 15 or 20 for my Krell integrated?

Guys, what should I get for my Krell integrated:

The PS Audio Ultimate outlet 15 or 20?
Not sure, can I get by with the 15A ?
I plugged my Krell 400cx (400wpc) into PS Audio Ultimate Outlet 15amp (high current version) with good result. I am sure this setup should work fine for your integrated.
ps works very well with krell intergrated, i have the 400i and love the ps and even use ps xlr connects with great results.dwhitt
I have the 500i Integrated which comes with a 2-kVA-power supply and thats why I am not sure if I shold go with the 15a or the 20 a high current, Do you think the 15A High current version will work well?