PS Audio or Richard Grey power Co.

Which one of these power suplies is the sounding upgrade? Thanks,Phile
Go to both there websites and you can get more info: I have the PS Audio 300 powerplant and it works great. I have not heard the Richard Grey piece but in a recent article in T.A.S. they rated the Powerplant ahead of the Power Co. But again thats someone else's feeling's.Good Luck!
I have had a Richard Grey Power Company in my system for about a year & it made a siginificent improvement. Dont't know anything about the PS audio unit but, I highly recommend the Power Company.
Two different beast, but I spent my money on the PS Audio 600. You have 30 day trial to find out.
I have a p-300 for my front end components and love it. I'm planning on getting a Power co. for the amp. Hows that for confusion?!!
Shunyata (Power Snakes) has a new line conditioner that will start shipping in a couple of weeks. I have P300 and two Richard Gray units. Power Snakes AC cords are incredibly good, and I would give the strongest recommendation to wait for the Hydra.
I remember reading a great review of the P300. There were however two things that you might want to consider. The review stated that your electric bill will take a big hit and also that it is meant for amps up to 200wpc. He stated that they will have new bigger models, but that he felt they would be too expensive to run. I don' have the specifics, so I am only repeating what I remember. Maybe you should track down the review. It was recent in either Stereophile or TAS.
The p-300 cannot support a 200w amp. It can support a mixture of components that will draw up to 200w from the AC line. For a big amp you would need a bigger model.
Phile, you really should try to A/B them side by side if possible. I owned the Power Plant for about 2 months and sold it after a comparison with the Power Co. In my system the Power Plant delivered clarity and focus to the soundstage with a slight increase in presance, but it also made the sound sort of lean. With the Power Co., noise floor dropped a couple of notches and sounded smoooooth, but still very dynamic. It was a struggle because i really loved the clarity and transparency of the Power Plant, but the leaness of the sound forced me to go with the Power Co. I feel these products are very system dependant so i think you should try them both out on your system. Good Luck! PS-Power Plant did not have multi-wave option.
Why not use both? The Power co feeding the PS. The Power co is supposed to help amplifiers and thats exactly what the PS is. So the combo should be better than either individually.
Oh, please! You have to even ask?!
Thanks, for all your input. I'll be doing more research.