PS Audio Noise Harvester


I just ordered a PS Audio Noise Harvester and I would like to know people's experince with the PS Audio Noise Harvester and the improvement in sound. Does it work also with a 220V system?


I just purchased one on a lark.... the thing flashes like crazy... frequency changes so something is going on. How does it sound, or improve my system? Nada. Nothing. Not worth it. Cool concept.
PeaceBruce in Philly
I thought they had a negative effect and sat on the music. And this was using them in PS Audio's own power distributor.

On the other hand, my experience of the Nordost Qv2, Alan Mayer Designs filters and MIT Z-Duplex all had a positive effect.
I have one NoiseHarvester that Ive plugged in several of the PSAudio Dectect outlets and the wall outlet with the amp. Nothing changed. Didn't matter which zone of the Dectect I plugged the NoiseHarvester in. I wasn't able to detect a difference. I was hoping I'd be able to see a better picture on my OLED, nope. I'm no longer using a Yamaha pre/pro for 2channel and I've bought a higher quality preamp, so, I can experiment. But, with the wall outlet box, my preamp and amp are both plugged in. Obviously, I'm unable to use the same outlet. But, as I've read, as long as I'm in the same circuit. We'll see what happens.
Try the Isotek Iso plug. 
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