PS Audio new Stellar Phono PreAmp?

Hi , First I have PS Audio's Stellar Pre-Amp/DAC and S300 amp and have been very happy with them. I have a Rega P6 and a Rogue phono preamp. I saw that PS Audio has a new Stellar Phono PreAmp. Has anyone listened to it yet? I was wondering if would be an improvement over my Rogue?
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Until one of the Beta testers says something on the PS forum you will have to wait until after the September release.
Yeah - I was following it a bit, mostly out of curiosity

BUT - It does seem to me that they have made a conscious effort to "Sweat the details" within the realm of semi-affordability.
Check out their U-Toobe video on the design considerations, as explained by their Electronic Designer.

How do you like your Stellar Pre/DAC?  It's one of the units on my list to audition if I can.  Sounds like a nice piece for the money, (and I can get one for around 1.1K$)

It was also designed to "match" the Stellar Gain Cell Pre/DAC - so my guess is that the synergy should be EXCELLENT.

But, you'll have to wait a while to hear any useful user feedback - it just became available for Beta-Testing about 2 weeks ago.
geeqner, I also am curious about how the GCD sounds so if smoorenc could come in, if appreciate that.

I just acquired the s-300 amplifier 3 weeks ago and so far I love it. I'm looking for a pre-amplifier with balanced ins and outs. Right now I'm using the single ended ins and outs of my burson conductor V2 plus as a preamp and I can't believe how good it sounds. I'm thinking maybe balanced might take it a step further. I should have my head examined because it sounds excellent right now. Lol. If I do get the gcd I will only use it as a pre-amplifier. My DAC is a Metrum Onyx and I love it, so I just need a pre-amplifier with  balanced. I'm considering the GCD or maybe the Wyred STP.

Does anyone have any input on how the GCD sounds compared to other preamps they've used?
The Stellar GCD sounds so good with the S-300 or stellar mono blocks. I connectthe DAC with XLR cables. It made a huge difference. I also for the digital side use the HDMI cable with I2S connection. I have "Theater Mode" set so I use my fronts (Tannoy XT8F's) powered by the S-300 out of the Onkyo. For digital music (Roon-Tidal), records, CD's (Oppo S/PIF) all just though the Stellar Gain Cell Dac/Pre-Amp. Some pics. I have all on PDF, but I don't know how to share a PDF.  I really like my PS Audio equipment and I am seriously thinking of swapping out the Rogue for the Stellar Phono.
geeqner  "It was also designed to "match" the Stellar Gain Cell Pre/DAC - so my guess is that the synergy should be EXCELLENT. "

My thoughts on why to add the Stellar Phono.