PS Audio, Musical fidelity, Audio Research, Quad?

I have kind of entry level system below, and want to improve sound quality without much budget. Please advise what would be the best move from here (e.g. replacing amp, preamp, speaker cable, etc.)? I like classical and Jazz, also prefer warmer sound.
- Meridian 506.20 (CD Player)
- Meridia 541 (anagogue surround processor, but as a preamp without sround system)
- Quad 707 (main amp)
- Paragon Acoutics Radient (small version of 'Regent')
- Zu cable warmouth interconnects
- XLO ultra speaker cable
- Zu cable Birth PC for CD player
- Synergistic Research Master coupler for Quad.
Thanks, I would appreciate your advise.
Try and sort out the room first and foremost. No. I am not a shill for Rives. The guy is right, that's all! Cheers to one and all! (Boy I'm in a good mood today, must be mege mega shit going on at the office...)
What do you want to improve - sound wise. I'm running the large Paragon's with tubes - couldn't ask for more.
Try a new preamp. You could find a dedicated two channel unit that would probably sound much better than your surround unit for not a lot of dough........... Maybe used ARC LS15 or Audible Illusions mod 3A.......
Yes, I agree with you Cmo. The pre amp is a weak point now. However, some people say connectting CD player directly to the Main Amp may sound better, if it has a volume control. Mine doesn't have a volume control, but do I still have to invest more money to pre amp?