PS Audio Multiwave

Anybody heard the Power Plant upgrade? What do you think?
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I bought the 300 about 6months ago and am very pleased. I can't believe there is already an upgrade and what is worse it costs 30% of the total payment. Pretty savvy marketing to us suckers. When is the next upgrade? It is a good reason to wait to purchase a new product until they're research and development can catch up to their initial product.
I think I'll stay out of the marketing discussion and get right to the point of the initial question. How does multiwave sound? I've been running multiwave in a P300 for about 3 weeks (it took about 3-4 weeks from web order to delivery). There are multiple multiwave choices, some are easily discernable, others more subtle (e.g., I couldn't hear a difference). What I have found is that the image depth increases and most notably the transient attack (e.g., cymbals, snare drum)is much more sharp/quick. These differences are clearly evident and repeatable. All for the better. Heat: I purchased the fan kit and the multiwave board and installed them at the same time (really, a no-brainer if you pay attention to the very detailed instructions). I can not hear the fan unless I put my ear very close to the unit. Does it get any hotter than before the install? I can't really tell. The unit does get warm to the touch, no question (it did before too). The unit has worked flawlessly since I bought it about 2 months ago. I'm running a tube preamp, a DAC and a transport into it and running less that 100W. Hope this helps. Bob
I find Rbianconi's description to be spot on as to the differences that the Multiwave makes. I use the PS2 setting, as I had transformer buzz problems running equipment at 90 hz and I have an air pump (Forsell transport) plugged in through the P300. I have my digital front end--transport, upsampler, DAC and DVD transport--plugged in. The upgrade is very simple to install; I'm a motor moron and could do it easily. I don't notice any increase in heat since installing the upgrade. I think the upgrade is a substantial improvement in a very good product.