PS Audio Multiwave

Anybody heard the Power Plant upgrade? What do you think?
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Drubin: I guess we don't see eye to eye...There a hake of a lot more SOFTWARE technology & developement time in the original P300 as opposed to the multiwave. Sorry, believe what you want, but in my opinion there is no way that the multiwave upgrade jusitfies a 25% increase of that products total cost!
What has been people's experiance with operating the PS 300 in the 250 - 300 watts range? A friend has had a problem with it over heating and cutting out. The equipment I have plugged into mine only draws 90 watts.
Since it is apparent that you have no regards for PS Audio's R&D on the Multi wave and that you will not consider buying it,and you are happy with the P-300,then the best thing to do it forget about it.They could have just as easy have came out with a brand new P-3000 and made everyone who wanted it sell their unupgradeable P-300 for at least a 25 -33.33 % loss but they did'nt come out with a new version.Most will be buying the Multiwave asap and for the few who are bitter about the price,they will not.
I haven't gotten a multiwave yet, but here's what I hear about multiwave and heat. It does indeed make the powerplant run hotter (especially the 300, not so much the 600). The multiwave option also allows you to adjust the output voltage. According to Paul McGowan, the most RMS meters will underestimate the voltage of the multiwave. So if the meter reads 115V, it's really about 118-9V (I can't remember the exact numbers -- find it on one of the various PS audio forums). You can mitigate the heat problems by lowering the output voltage.
I run two PS Audio 300's. The one for my digital equipment is consistantly at 270 watts according to the display. The other for my analog varies but max's at 260. I have never had them cut out. My highest reading has been 280.