PS Audio Multiwave

Anybody heard the Power Plant upgrade? What do you think?
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I agree, the installation was very easy, just follow the instructions and you should be done in aprox.15 minutes. The price of the upgrade is $250 if either you or P.S. Audio does the upgrade.
I am considering the multiwave upgrade kit and have read a couple of posts at Audio Asylum that claims that the Multiwave upgrade causes the Power Plants to run hotter.I know about the possibility of an internal or external fan and do not care to resort to that as of now.Any feedback on this is appreciated.Turning the Power Plants upside down will make them run cooler as well as cause them to look ridiculous and totally unacceptable.To Richard : New Power Plants will come with the Multiwave for $250.extra.
I own the P300 myself & must admit am extremely pleased with it. One thing that bothers me though, is when a manufacturer who has a relatively new product is already upgrading it. In addition, the multiwave may offer great sonic improvements (I don't know because I haven't heard the upgrade yet), but $250.00 for a board & chip that I put in myself??? Sorry...but that's truly a RIP!!! I mean the whole unit only cost $995.00, so $250.00 for a board & chip. Come on PS Audio...give us a break!
I'd agree with you except that even if you were to buy the PP300 now with the multiwave option installed by the factory, you would still have to pay the extra $250. It's not as if you were paying the $995 for the unit before the Multiwave option was available and now you'd be paying the same $995 with the Multiwave option. As for having to install it yourself it really is easy, though I would expect that if you didn't want to do it yourself you could work something out with the factory to have them install it. Only you can decide if the Multiwave option is worth the $250.