ps audio multiwave II

hello all,I was wondering if any fellow agoner's have multiwave II or II+. I am thinking of ordering it for my p600, but I would like to hear your opinions on how well you think it works.My system is all krell KAV ,and I do not have a turn table at the present time, but would like to add one to my system soon. Thanks in advance for all your input KEITH

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I went from MW1 to MW2 for my P600. I was shocked how much glare MW2 removed. Including sin mode. PS Audio states "MW II includes a new servo controlled circuit that virtually eliminates the imbalance (DC offset) and reduces the DC to less than 0.01 volts! Your wall socket can easily have 10 to 20 times this amount."
In fact, I was so "shocked" that I put the MW1 card back in just to see for myself. Yep, back to glare...

Get MW2. End of story.