Anyone had any experience with PS Audio's mini-lab power cables? Appreciate any and all coments.
A tad stiff, but otherwise excellent, especially with P300 power plant.
Good value for money. However advise to purchase 6 ft. length because anything shorter can pull my Mark Levinson transport from its cones. Price difference between 3 and 6 feet is minimal. The wall plug is a Marinco hospital grade plug which retails at about $13 at Parts Express and the IEC I suspect is also a Marinco though in PS website stated as Wattgate. If this is so it is the cheaper Wattgate 330 I believe which retails for $24 while the Marinco is $17.
The connectors have good grip and internal construction is excellent.
Besides the difference in gauge (10 vs. 6) between its larger brother, the minilab has no external ground disconnector and the live and neutral are shielded together
in a single shield.
All my PC's are still undergoing run in but a quick summary is that they do make a differnce in the soundstage and at least in my system the sound seems to be warmer with more low end quality but the highs and midrange seem to be more detailed. Dynamics seem to be better.
Treating the connectors with a contact enhancer eg Caig Progold & Deoxit it will improve performance. I even open up the plugs to treat the wire ends. You will be surprised with the amount of dirt and oxide buildup even with 'new' cables. This is not advisable with the bigger Cable Labs as it is very difficult to open the plugs and even if you do manage to so it you may find it impossible to fit the wire ends to the plug again. BTW my newer PS Powerplant1200 comes with a MiniLab free (6 ft), however mine is the export model (240V) and the wallplug is a 20 Amp type 5-20P with the live and neutral pins horizontally oriented.
In summary great buy and good value and Paul at PS Audio
has given a very good write up and basis for its performance
and do not price them outrageously or make any wild claims.