PS Audio Mini Lab Cable Look Like ??

I believe I have one that came with a piece of equipment I bought but not sure how to verify. I have a picture I can post or e-mail if anyone has one they can compare to. It came with a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet is why I think it is too. This is recommended to use with that.
If you go to PS Audio's web site-click on Classics and then scroll down to find a photo & description of the Mini Lab cable.
Here's the link to the PS Audio photo:

There's also an ad on Audiogon with photos

It looks similar but I can't tell if it's exactly the same. Are all the cables identical? I wasn't sure if older ones looked different. Picture of the cable below. Any help would be awesome.
It looks correct to me, but to play it safe, PS Audio has their own forum on Audio Asylum. Post your question and photo there and the owner Paul McGowan himself will give you your answer.

It doesn't look like the two Mini Labs I have.
Looks like the outer jacked of a DH labs cable I have. I have two mini labs and the outer jack is solid blue.