PS Audio M700 vs M1200

I haven’t seen much about a direct comparison between these two amps. Most of what I’ve seen compares these to the BHK250. Anyone have direct experience with the M700 and M1200? What differences can I expect from the tube integration in the M1200?

I don’t really care about more power as I use very efficient speakers (normally Klipschorns and Tekton monsters).

I had the M700s with my 96dB efficient Emerald Physics KCII speakers, in a no-tube system and liked them a lot, but my room is quite large by most standards. During my time with them, I got a 30 day trial with a new amp from Tweakaudio, a EVS1200 dual mono,  highly tweaked, based on the same Icepower modules as in the M1200s, but no tube input. The price was about the same by 2xs+ the power. I kept it, and sold off the M700s.