PS Audio M700 v Arcam PA 240

Hello guys. I have a decision to make which I  will appreciate some advice and feedback.

I live in an isolated part of Australia and the nearest 'real audio shop' is about 7 hrs drive away one way. This means I don't have the time or energy to drive there to audition varous components to help me make a decision.

I have a decent HT system consisting of NAD T787, B&W 702 S2 fronts, CM 9 for surround and CM5 for back, CMC2 centres and the CM sub as speakers.  I use the Pioneer  UDP LX 500 player for all my music and Blurays. Netflix or movies. I love SACDs. I listen to alot of classical, flamenco nouveau, world music  and selected rock. 

I have committed myself to purchase a good stereo system to integrate into my HT to the tune of about AUD$12000. USD $8000 or  £6000 thereabouts.  After speaking to various retail outlets over the phone and reading up on the internet, I decided to get the PS Audio BHK preamp and  the Class G Arcam PA 240. 

The problem is the Arcam PA 240 is stuck in China due to the Corona Virus outbreak and I'm not sure when this will be available. So I researched again and thought to get the PS Audio M700 mono blocks, mainly to reduce the risks of audio incompatabilities with the  PS Audio BHK preamp. The advice from my rep (whom I trust) is to wait for the Arcam PA 240 and then drive down to the  shop and audition the  PS Audio M700 mono blocks versus the Arcam PA 240. 

My question to you good people is what should I listen out for in the comparision?
It's also a class G amp versus a class D amp. Additonally I would also humbly listen to any other advce you deem useful for me. Thirdly, if the PS Audio combo is really good, should I bother waiting for the Arcam PA 240?

Thanks in advance.

Can't help with the Arcam, but I did own the M700s. They are quite good.

I do recommend running them balanced

Hi there. I'm in a similar boat. I'd love to hear what you decided on and why. And how you feel about it!
Hi Kurang,

What ultimately did you decide to go with? I'm investigating the exact same comparison for my 804 D3/HTM2 D3 set for home theater primarily. Currently using the Marantz SR7012 AVR, and Parasound Halo A31 for center, and L/R surrounds (704 S2's).