PS Audio M700's with which preamp?

Putting this out there for some feedback-
i recently upgraded my outlaw system- an older RR2250 receiver with Outlaw M200 mono blocks driving Focal chorus series 836V speakers.
i have an mid-entry Pro-ject turntable upgraded with a Dynavector 10x5. For digital, I have a Marantz network audio player- NA8005.  I have never been thrilled with the sound staging.  So I replaced the outlaw mono blocks with PS Audio M700's.
It's better, but not great.  
Heres the Q: would replacing the outlaw receiver as preamp (to what?) would make BIGGEST improvement to sound stage and imaging.
should I just go with the PS Audio Gain Cell?
thoughts? Is there a clever pre-amp selection (under $3K) that would add some magic?

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Remember that Class D digital amps require a prolonged break in.  Expect 200-300hrs on those amps before they start to open up. 
You haven't mentioned what cabling you are using? 
Honestly positioning your speakers could also change everything.