PS Audio LAMBDA II Transport

I bought this used unit 5 month ago. It had no problem until recently. It't very picky. It simply doesn't read most of my CDs. The display shows "ERROR". When it plays, It also skips first few seconds. Please help. Thanks.
Have you tried cleaning the lens?
I don't know how to clean the lense. If you know, can you explain how? Thanks.
There are various lens cleaners out there. You also might want to contact Steve Mcormick who used to be with PS audio. He might have some advise on this unit. Best of luck.
There seems to be related to the CD not turning after you press the PLAY button. You can try open the top case up, help the CD to turn after you press the PLAY button by a VERY gentle clockwise turn. It will get your CD player going for a while.

It may be problem with the motor. Like to hear the result and good luck.
In the past I have had both the Lamda transport and the Unltralink DAC. I also experienced trouble with the transport not reading some cds. The trouble with my transport was the laser needed to be realigned. You can go to for support. I believe they can help you. I have had a number of PS Audio products over the years and found them very easy to work with.Good luck.
Yes...I too had a Lambda transport and experienced the same problem. I sent it in for repair. It took PS Audio a pretty long time to get back with me on it but they did fix it. There were several problems with it. The logic board for the transport mechanism and also the alignment. It is my understanding that this as a common problem with these units. Good luck!
It could be the LASER needs to be replaced. These have a lifespan of about ten years. My SONY ES pickup burned out and caused symptoms like yours.
Accoding to Paul McGowan of PS Audio it needs a new drive mechanism manufactured by Phillip & Teac which is no longer available. Does any one have any other advise?