PS Audio Lab PC s /ini lab PC s any good

Any comments out there about PS Audio's Lab PC's Need to upgrade my PC's at a resonable price. Thanks for the comments
I just recently got a mini lab for my subwoofer which is amplified. The amp would run hot if I was playing at volume for an extended playing time causing it to shut down. It looks like the power cable is helping it to run cooler. I got the mini because I had a Lab p.c. for my amp & REL subwoofers have a circut which tries to mimic the sound of your main amp so for synergy I got the mini. It is a well made cable but I can't state it made a difference in the sound. At this pricepoint you have EEL reference which I have in my system & you could also pick up a used Syn. Research p.c. The big Lab cable is a bargain especially for powering amps. I wish I could give you more information but they do have a free 30 day home trial for you if you are in doubt. Larry
Curly, I use a pair of the PS audio Lab Cables on my BAT VK-500 amp. They made a HUGE difference. I was a power cord skeptic until I put these on my amp. I tried Shunyata Black Mambas on the amp, but the PS Audios sounded less constrained. I still use the Mambas on my digital front end.