PS Audio Juice Bar

Hi all,
I was at the PS Audio website where I saw their Juice Bar and found it rather interesting! I would love to hear from anyone who uses it or even tried it! Please let me know what you think of it and how it sounds!
Thanks to all in advance!
it sounds like an extension cord; i.e., it's only as good as the cord you use to plug it into an outlet (the supplied cord is pretty wimpy). the quality of the outlet, of course, also affects the juicebar's sonic signature. the price of the juice bar is pretty fair ($200), considering that it has 3 power port outlets that retail for $50 each (these are replated hubbells). you can find discounts on all ps gear, BTW. -cfb

I got the Juicebar for about a week. My intention was to get rid of my line conditioner, and hook a Virtual Dynamic cord from wall to Juicebar, so all my components will benefits from VD's mechanical filtering. My cheat doesn't really work. The components sounds much better when the VD cords are directly connected to them.

I have no complaints about the Juicebar. I guess that's all you can say about them. They are not constricting no sonic signatures that I am aware of.
If you really need a power strip, go with the Ensemble MegaPower Point. I REALLY like mine. By the time you buy the PS Audio Juice Bar and a good power cable for it, you'll be better off to buy a used Ensemble. You can usually find a used one for $500 or less.
I used a $39 Wireworld for a couple of weeks waiting for a Juice Bar. Though I used identical power cables with each, there was no comparison, the Juicebar sounded better (and the plugs stayed put rather than being loose).
Viggen- does that mean you are still using your line conditioner? explain

Where can one find discounted PS Audio gear?


I removed my $300 Rotel line conditioner from my system for two reasons.

1) Using the Juicebar only takes up one space on the wall outlet instead of two, so I can plug my amp directly into the wall with the freed up outlet.

2) Using the Juicebar allows me to use any powercord I have handy instead of using the one that's fixed on my line conditioner. I'd let you figure out the benefits. Currently, I am using a Lat International cable from wall to juicebar.

I emailed two dealers that advertises on Agon. I forgot who they are. Both of them gave me under MSRP pricing and includes shipping. The lower price offer arrived after I already payed for the higher price offer. But it was only $10 diff. Still saved about $35. I live in CA where PS Audio's factor is located, so, by dealing with a NY merchant, I saved $17 on tax.
Used on Audiogon is the best place to start.
My choice for something like that would be the PAC Idos or PAC Idos II. Not sure if they still make them, but there is a used one listed here and also at HCM Audio.
Steve McCormack once recommended the JPS 4 outlet unit to me (it comes with a good quality JPS power cord attached). I no longer need one so I didn't buy it. It's about $500-$600. I would expect it to be a top quality product. Craig