ps audio hdmi cables

hi, can anyone comment on the performance of either of the two hdmi cables that ps audio offers.

one cable is has more silver in it so it is priced a little bit higher.

my main concern is how either cable handles the audio.
is the sound quality worthy of an upgrade?

i would be using it from my blu ray into my integra dhc 80.1 for audio.

thanks everyone
A lot of folks are buying the 'higher silver content' HDMI. I noticed the Pangea is discontinuing the low silver content cable. I hav a couple of high content and one really long low content Pangea HDMI. All I can say is they work really well.
Often ignored is the fact that if a HDMI cable fully meets the EEEC spec, all are equal. Paying more provides nothing more. Yes, cables can be defective, e. g. not meeting spec, and there you will hear a difference. So, beware of vendors seeking your wallet.
Buconero: being "equal" spec wise may be true. sounding the same is another story. have tried 4 different HDMI lines and all 4 sounded "different" in my system. can't say one was "better" then the rest but can tell you which one i liked best in my specific system (PSA's silver I2S).

it's a combination of sonic signature *and* personal preference. not to imply the sonic signature will be identical with every set-up. i will tell you different hdmi cables sound different. i did not see any difference when using them for video but when i came to sound, there was an obvious difference.

regarding the question at hand....i LOVE my PSA I2S-12 silver hdmi's.

i have the ps audio combo and i also own the silver hdmi. it is my least favorite interface and i would not recommend it.

it sounds like silver. i prefer coax.

i have been advised to try signal cable's copper hdmi. i have no experience with it, as i am now using the ess sabre dac with my ps audio pwt.
It is easy to see the difference in HDMI cables, my wife can and she has no interest at all in technical matters. I say see because color differences should be less controversial than audio ones. For the money the Monoprice are very good, noticeably better than stock ones. I now use Wire World Silver on my HT and VDH on the bedroom set. Both of these are superior to the Monoprice but of course are much more expensive. Judging from my experience with cables in general I think the construction of the particular cable is more important than the material it is made of. I have a wide selection of cables, copper, silver and non metallic, and you cannot predict with certainty the sound quality from the material used. Bad or mediocre silver cables sound bright but some copper ones do as well.
PS Audio uses a different protocol from HDMI. This is why regular HDMI cables, though they fit, provide inferior sound.
I'm using Wireworld Ultraviolet 7.....1st class build, fabulous sound and video. Couldn't be happier. They are a great improvement from a HDMI cable set that was ranked second on the internet.
Can't speak for PS Audio, but my recent experience with Monoprice (quite nice, and very cheap), Wireworld Starlight 6 (similar to Ultraviolet 7, I think), and Apollo AV Lightning is that they do look different and sound different. The Apollo and the Wireworld are both better than the Monoprice. Visually the colors are more saturated and the edges of images smoother, less grainy. Not hugely better, perhaps, but noticeable to my wife and I. Note that I have a very high-rez audio system, and a top line late model panny plasma. I'm not sure these differences would be very apparent on a lower rez system.
Sonically: smoother, clearer, better focus.
Worth spending the $ for the level of improvement? Maybe not for many systems, but the Apollo AV are fairly cheap, and very cheap on closeout, and do give my system a bump in quality.