PS Audio HCPS for PCA-2

Anyone added this outboard power supply to their PCA-2 pre? Any feedback on sonic improvements and overall bang for your buck? Thanks.
I have the PCA and HCA combo with the HCPS..

When I came across one of these on E-Bay for $400.00 with shipping included I figured it was worth the risk to try out, they are hard to come by as well do to being discontinued.

It has opened up every possible positive adjective I could think of, taking this preamp to another level entirely !!!

It made such a difference that I almost felt ripped off knowing how the preamp sounded without it.

My Musical Fidelity tube buffer V3 added the rest of the magic to the setup.

P.S. Get a good power cord for it and used the balanced output of the preamp, it really makes a difference as well.

Hope this helps.
i would like a ps audio hcps pca2 power supply unit