PS Audio HCA-2 vs Monarchy SE100 Delux's

This does not address Interconnects,Power Coards,or Speaker Cables.....(Just the Amps).....
OK!!I narrowed my choices down to these two amps,and now would like suggestions,comments etc.etc. from ALL the great audio specialists out there.I want to keep the cost of the amps under 2000.00 which these fall under.I know most stereo buffs are not fimilar with my speakers being that they date back to the late 80's,but those who are I need your imput!!!!
My speakers are Infinity's RS1b's which consist of (4)huge towers.(2)bass&(2)mid/tweet towers run in 4ohm and are very efficient.I use (2) Denon POA 6600A mono amps for the Bass columns which are perfect.
I use a Conrad Johnson MV45 tube amp for the Mid/Tweet columns.I love the warmth of tube,but want to switch to a SS amp with tube like qualities.Hence these choices.I always wanted to complete the system with the two(2) mono amps for the top end so as to have each tower being powered by its own amp,(aaah stereo heaven)BUT recently I demo'ed the PS Audio HCA-2,and was quite impressed,which now has thrown a curve in my decision.(aaah technogoly,technogoly).I have read tons of reviews on both amps,but reviews are reviews,and I need hands on imput of these amps being used in their environment if possible.Looking foward to hearing from one and all.
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Buy one from PS with the 30day return privilege and decide for yourself.
I use SE100's with Wilson Watt/Puppy 5.1,s and am amazed at quality of sound they produce. I also tried an HCA2 for 30 days, actually I had two, the first one had a few problems which were addressed by the manufacturer with a new unit. The Monarchy's have more warmth and sweeter highs, along with greater mid and low bass. I wouldn,t think the bass would matter to you if you are biamping. These are the second pair of SE100,s I have owned in the past four years, I upgraded to the new model last year. These amps are very reliable and have plenty of current for your towers.
The HCA2 was very detailed but a bit thin sounding, and I could never get rid of the high frequency buzzing coming out of the speakers. I finally sent the second unit back and do not regret the decision, but it might sound better in your system. Either amp would be a good choice. Listen and choose the best sounding amp.