PS Audio GCPH vs Graham Slee ERA Gold V

I have the ERA V and am curious about the PS Audio since it has also been so well reviewed and I enjoy their DAC III. The source is a MMF 7.1 with HO MC Eroica cartridge, with a Modwright pre-amp, BelCanto M300 amps and VR-4JRs. Has anyone done any direct side-by-side comparisons? Thanks!
The Slee Revelation + Elevator EXP was tested in HIFICRITIC issue 3 and the GCPH in issue 11, the Slee was considerably better , rated 26 on their scale vs 15 for the PS. I don't know the Slee line well enough to know the relationship of these models. The PRO-JECT Tube Box 2 SE did considerably better than either , rated at 45, it is only $699 so might be worth a listen. I was considering it but went with the Dynavector 75 instead.