PS Audio GCPH to loud . Where to go next?

As my system evolves I am realizing that the GCPH makes a lot of noise. It's not hum or anything like that just sort of a sizzle. My system is: almarro a205a ,Cambridge audio Dac magic, Cambridge audio 340c, pro-ject 2 xperience acryl with speed box mkii,Dynavector 17d3 cartridge and the PS Audio GCPH all soon to be feed into my new Tekton Lores.This is where the problem lies. The digital is dead silent when nothing is playing.I understand that I may not equal the silence of the digital but it should come a lot closer than the gcph does. So any suggestions. This will likely be a lateral move as far as price is concerned but I could stretch a little maybe up to the $1500 range.The new phono preamp would need to have enough gain to handle the 17d3
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Did you buy it used? I'm asking because, if you have a warranty; it needs to go back to PS. I'm using a GCPH, with a 17D3, in my system now. I've modded the GCPH, but- at the worst; it only has a VERY slight 60Hz hum, at the highest gain setting, full volume on the pot and 99.9 on my TacT 2.2X volume control. I'm searching for either a Silvercore MC or Auditorium 23 transformer, to get away from even that(though it's barely audible, at my listening position). Have you tried unplugging the interconnects from your TT, to see if the noise is still there? It's possible that they are picking up noise/interference from the TT motor, or elsewhere. Also- It's important that the GCPH be located away from any other sources of EMI/RFI(it's not well shielded, in stock form).
At least CALL PS Audio and talk to them about it. If you don't get a result that you like, I would send it back to them for a look see.....
I did buy the unit new about two years ago. I had a slight hum issue resolved by PS Audio about 6 months ago, at the end of my warranty. The noise is only present as far as I can tell when I get the gain knob above 2-3 o'clock. I would say it was sort of a white or pink noise and it is not tube noise as the digital is dead quiet at idle.I assumed this noise was normal with this unit because I had read that it's s/n ratios were not so good with the gain knob up past the 2 o'clock range.I will give PS Audio a call this week and see what they say.
Nope- that type of noise is not typical of the unit. At what volume on your preamp is the noise audible(your normal listening levels, or above)? I'm betting it's caused by something being picked up between your cartridge and the GCPH's inputs. Have you tried listening with the volume up and the phono interconnects unplugged? Is there anything digital running, or lighting dimmers, while you are listening? Just fishing!
Please better describe what you are hearing. If it is indeed a "sizzle", I doubt that the GCPH is at fault. Check the dresssing of your interconnect with respect to your AC cord. Sometimes the two can interact particularly if they are running parallel at a close distance. Also, a fault in tonearm wiring can cause a sizzle. Very tough to get rid of it totally but with careful attention to details, it can be minimized. I have two Dynavector DV505s. One of them has sizzle, and the other does not, or has much much less of it, on the same TT with the same phono stage. We think it's a fault in the internal wiring of the one DV505. Forgot to mention, carefully do ground your tonearm. That may help.
to be clear it is not really a sizzle more like a white or pink noise almost like static.The power cord is well connected.
The unit makes the noise when the phono interconnects are not connected so it's not the tonearm wiring,cartridge or motor noise.I don't have any dimmers in the house so likely it's not that.I have it plugged in to a PS Audio ultimate outlet. I did try to plug it directly into the wall see if that changes anything and no change.It has to be the unit I will cal PS audio and see what they think.
I spoke with the folks down at PS Audio and they seemed confident that is the orientation of the transformer.I am shipping it off tomorrow and will report back when it returns.Thanks for you help.
Happy listening!
My ps gcph changes the quality of sound above the 2oclock level, which was also reported in the stereophile review. Is your rear panel gain setting at max? If not, try using the 66db level.
It was set to max and still had problems. The guy at PS Audio diagnosed the problem almost instantly when I explained the noise so I assume it is common for the transformer alignment to be disturbed.I can only assume that it happened in shipping. We all now how careful delivery people are with packages.