PS Audio GCPH to loud . Where to go next?

As my system evolves I am realizing that the GCPH makes a lot of noise. It's not hum or anything like that just sort of a sizzle. My system is: almarro a205a ,Cambridge audio Dac magic, Cambridge audio 340c, pro-ject 2 xperience acryl with speed box mkii,Dynavector 17d3 cartridge and the PS Audio GCPH all soon to be feed into my new Tekton Lores.This is where the problem lies. The digital is dead silent when nothing is playing.I understand that I may not equal the silence of the digital but it should come a lot closer than the gcph does. So any suggestions. This will likely be a lateral move as far as price is concerned but I could stretch a little maybe up to the $1500 range.The new phono preamp would need to have enough gain to handle the 17d3
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Make sure you read the measurements and comments from JA

Liberty B2B-1

And yes I do make them :-)

Good Listening

I have same phono ps audio,
I spoke to Peter yesterday and yes he is a nice guy, I am almust pulling the trigger on his phono.